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If you are here to find the app that can get you unlimited calls then you are at the right place. Telos App provides you just that. It is the app that gives you unlimited calls and msg option.

Telos is the best app that will give you these facilities so you can enjoy talking to your friends and family and send them unlimited messages.

Telos phone number app is available on the play store so you can easily download it. Telos provides you with a great package of features that will just force you to install this app instantly.

★ Pick a U.S. Telephone number in any region code

★ Enjoy boundless calling and messaging plans

★ Save a ton on global calls and messages

★ Add a second, third, or even a fourth line for your telephone or tablet

★ Smartphone numbers assist you in dealing with your life and work

★ No agreement, no responsibility, no compelling reason to change SIM cards or switch telephone organizations to appreciate Telos telephone administration

☞ Phone Numbers

This app provides you lots of phone numbers as you want for any country. This phone number used in voice calls, SMS, differents app verification with OTP and voice verification, etc.

  • Pick a U.S. telephone number with any of the territory code you like
  • You can likewise pick a variety of numbers which may not be reachable from AT&T or Verizon
  • Unlimited Call and Text plans accessible for calls and messages to standard telephones
  • Enjoy calls and messages through WiFi or cell information – no more telephone bills
  • Receive approaching calls and messages from anybody, in any nation
  • Perfect for voyaging abroad. Your loved ones in the U.S. can contact you without the significant distance

☞ Real Mobile Phone Numbers

A Telos telephone number is a genuine cell phone number so it can do the very same things as a PDA number from your telephone organization. This App provides you the real phone number for verification and also manages your business clients.

✓ It can get calls and messages from any of the people

✓ You can utilize the new telephone number as the contact number for your financial balances, utilities, and sites

✓ It can even be ported out to your telephone organization if you like

✓ Set up your own phone message and auto-answer messages

✓ Block undesirable calls and messages

✓ Set up the call sending and receiving to any landline

With a Telos telephone number, you can include a second line or third line for your Phone/Tablet without extra SIM cards.

☞ Worldwide Phone Numbers

This Telos App provides you lots of international numbers for calling, SMS for communication to friends and families and colleagues, and also provide OTP verification on other websites :

. United States
. United Kingdom
. Canada
. Spain
. Netherlands
. Sweden
. Belgium
. …
Get a neighborhood telephone number to appreciate nearby assistance when you’re voyaging abroad. Quit paying incredible meandering accuses just to impart of nearby companions, Uber drivers, lodgings, and cafe.

☞ Save On International Calling & Texting

This App chance to save the international numbers on your android and also make calling and texting for international numbers. Telos app provides you low rates calling on worldwide numbers.

  • Make modest – even – worldwide calls to any versatile or landline telephone number in more than 200 nations.
  • Low cost worldwide calling plans are accessible to nations, for example, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Nigeria…
  • Send global writings to any cell phone worldwide at too low rates
  • Your friends or people don’t need to have the Telos application to get your msg

☞ Turning Your Android Phone Into A Burner Phone

Telos App basically provides you burner phone just like the second phone feature on your own mobile and doesn’t need a second mobile. Tellos App provides lots of worldwide numbers at very cheap rates.

  • Get an expendable number to assist you with remaining private and unknown
  • “Consume” the number with simply a tick so you no longer get calls and messages
  • Burned numbers will promptly leave administration and will be erased from your telephone. You will then be able to get one or more new telephone numbers.
  • Use a Telos telephone number in any circumstance where you need an impermanent or mysterious number and consume

☞ Smart Phone Numbers Helps You To Manage Your Life and Work

  • Get a Telos App telephone number to remain associated when your telephone is unavailable
  • Use a brief telephone number as your own number for safe dating or Airbnbs
  • Buy or sell on Craigslist with complete obscurity
  • Create a subsequent line to deal with your work and life

☞ Clear Voice—No Cell Minutes Needed

  • Make calls and messages through WiFi or cell information without any minutes utilized
  • Set up a second, third, or even a fourth telephone line rapidly and effectively without trading your SIM card.
  • A Telos telephone number works totally regardless of whether you have an awful (or even no) phone signal

With Telos’ HD voice innovation, most calls have better lucidity when thought about than existing, standard telephone administration.

Telos app is the best telephone number application that was made to liberate you from your telephone organization.

Pick a customized new phone number to appreciate the nearby and worldwide messages and calls now!


By all the reviews and detail of this amazing app, we can definitely recommend this to you without any doubt. Telos App Phone Number is the best app for which you can get you messages and phone calls so that you can get the most of with just a single app.

All the specs and feature are mention in the above review make sure to read before downloading it. With all that we can recommend this app to you so that you can get the maximum advantage from now on.

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