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Introduction :

TelloTalk App is the first app in Pakistan to communicate. TelloTalk provides you lots of services to communicate with your friends and family. TelloTalk provides all features to similar WhatsApp. TelloTalk is the first app in Pakistan to provide bett. Tello Talk is the no.1 app in Pakistan to provide a chatting facility. nowadays Tello Talk mostly used all cities in Pakistan and people really liked this app. and also appreciate our hard efforts.

TelloTalk Features :

Tello Talk provides lots of features for people. This app some hidden features and I will explain to you, these hidden features. so let’s go.
1, Chat Messanger.
2, Voice Call.
3, Video Call.
4, Live Streaming.
5, Tv Channels.
6, Live Pakistani Radio.
7, Stories.
8, Status Maker.
9, Hidden Chat.
10, Edit, and Deleted Messages.
11, Islamic Content
12, Desi Sticker.
13, Bussiness Communication.
14, Pakistani Language.
15, Music.
16, Games.
17, Pakistani News.

Chat Messanger :

TelloTalk Chat Messenger to provided chatting with your family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, teammates, office colleagues to each other. This app provided chatting with each other just required an internet connection like wifi or data.

Voice Call :

TelloTalk Voice call is one of the most useful features in this app. because everybody wishes to listen to her your relative’s voice. voice call really beautiful feature. and communicate with each other with a clear voice without dropping voice.

Video Call :

TelloTalk This feature is very amazing because you see someone anywhere. like you live in Dubai and your family lives in Pakistan, so you communicate with your family to easily with video calls, that with the picture, and audio.

Live Streaming :

The Live Streaming feature mostly used celebrities, YouTubers, and stars to communicate and virtual meetup with your fans, and also used gamers live stream for gaming. most popular games like Pubg, counter-strike, etc., and people watch this stream and more enjoyed this feature.

TV Channels :

This app provides a tv channel to watch films, cartoons, dramas, and news. The latest and popular tv channels are here. mostly tv channel belongs to Pakistan because this is Pakistan own app. mostly like popular tv channels like Geo News, Geo Entertainment, Ary News, Ary Entertainment, Bol News, Bol Entertainment, Ptv home, sports channel, cartoons channel, etc.

Live Pakistani Radio :

This app provides live radio in Pakistan. Radio is the oldest technology to listen to different types of news. and radio not required electricity and the internet. this featured is very amazing to the oldest people to like radio.

Stories :

Stories are a bonus featured in this app. You use WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram so you know better understand the stories in this app and also how to use the story tab in the TelloTalk app.

Status Maker :

Status Maker is a unique feature in this app. This feature like short videos. This featured is provided to you to make your status as you want. then share status with your friends and family.

Hidden Chat :

Hidden Chat feature to provide you secure chatting with your friends and families. The hidden chat feature used an encrypted form of security to protect your user chat. so without unafraid use this app to messaging with your friends and family.

Edit and Deleted Messages :

sometimes you mistakenly sent the wrong message to them. so you worried about your message. so we provide new featured to edit and delete messages from the recipient. and we will give you some time to provide you with edit or delete this wrong message sent mistakenly.

Islamic Content :

Islam is one of the most beautiful and precious religions in the world. so we thought about Islamic content, and we decided to provide the most beautiful book, holy Quran recitation, naat, qawwali. I hope you happy to see this featured and you appreciate it with us.

Desi Stickers :

Nowadays, stickers are beneficial to describe our feelings. so we will provide different types of stickers. and also provide unique stickers. and also provide different stickers types of the collection just like Pakistani stickers, Islamic stickers, love stickers, sad stickers, country stickers, cutest stickers, celebration stickers, emotions stickers, gaming stickers, memes stickers, and festival stickers like a different festival like Ramadan, eid, eid ul Adha, new year, independence day, etc.

Bussiness Communication :

Business Communication also a useful feature for this app to provide us. so we will provide business communication. Nowadays, everyone needs one platform to communicate with your business colleagues. so we watch this situation and we will provide this helpful feature in our app.

Pakistani Language :

Pakistani Language is also a unique feature in this app. because everyone needs this helpful featured to communicate different types of language. Pakistani Language is based on Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, and Siraiki.

Music :

This App provides you music. and introduced very interesting features in this app to listen to different music. everyone benefits from this featured is the first time to introduced in Pakistan so I hope you appreciate our work.

Games :

Nowadays people have liked gaming and play different types of games. and also watch gaming. so we introduced different types of games in this app, and you play games in this app, and also you enjoy games in this app.

Pakistani News :

We will provide you Pakistani news in this app. and we will provide you with know up to date about Pakistan’s situation from Pakistani news channels. we will provide lots of channels to provide like geo news, express news, Ary news, bol news, hum news, etc.

Referred and Earned :

Referred and earned is also uniquely featured in this app. you invite your friends on this app and earned money in this app and also chance to win a huge prize like mobile.

People Recommended :

Pakistani people recommend this app to use mostly. because lots of features are provided in this app. this app is also a better and friendly user interface to interact with your user. and also this app doesn’t consume bandwidth to get your message across Pakistan. and also this app consumes fewer data. this app provides you unique method for messaging.

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