SECOND PHONE NUMBER – 2nd line – Text and Calls


Let’s assume you’re searching for a full-included business telephone framework notwithstanding your telephone number, think about SECOND PHONE NUMBER – 2nd line, which works in the U.S. what’s more, Canada. The application allows you to call and message from a different number on the gadgets you and your representatives own, either using Wi-Fi or your current cell arrangement.

The SECOND PHONE NUMBER – 2nd line allows you a subsequent telephone number as a burner line on your cell phone to allow you to call and text for individual and for work independently. 

By including a subsequent telephone number in this call application, you can all the more effectively get associated with your family, partners, or clients without the issue of purchasing a subsequent telephone or including a second SIM card. 

You can get the phone no of the USA, Canada that you can use with Whatsapp, Facebook, Insta, And other Social Media apps.

So next time when you have to converse with somebody however incline toward not sharing your genuine telephone numbers, recall you can get one in this subsequent telephone number application – second Line. 

With only a couple of steps, you’ll be good to go for boundless calls and instant messages.


with the help of a second-line nearby telephone number. you can easily handle work for private life and we will allow you to include a burner line for the later.

So you thought about how to reply on the offline that somebody calls you through the work line, or when you call a client you can immediately decide to call through the work line, at that point your telephone number will provide you privately.


Get your telephone number from this second Line application for Android as you want, text, and call no limit with anybody, anyplace on the earth using Wi-Fi or your phone information for just $9.99 every month, and don’t talk to other clients to used second Line.

Less expensive THAN REGULAR CALLS 

Controlled with its devoted innovation, the second Line makes calls, regardless of whether nearby or universal, a lot less expensive than customary ones while keeping up high voice quality. 

Little bit step to make your second line app. Charge a bit, spare you a pack. 


Have you at any point being a pain by these circumstances?

Need to give out your telephone number however you would not like to?

Badgering by advancements or advertisements, however, can’t stop every one of them? 

Need to interface for transitory issues yet would prefer not to uncover individual numbers?

On the off chance that the appropriate response is true, at that point you’re not the only one. A large number of us, pretty much, have been upset by things like these.

 With the SECOND PHONE NUMBER – 2nd line, you can allow out your subsequent telephone number to fix every one of them. No close to home telephone number uncovered, no difficulty or disturbance caused. 

When they are done, you can just consume it whenever, or keep it as long as you need. 

Amazing Features for ONLY $9.99/month: 

●       – Unlimited messages and calls: Call and text boundless to US and Canada. 

●       – Quality calls: Crystal unmistakable voice quality to smoothen your call understanding 

●       – Custom voice message: Record a custom phone message welcome to provoke guests to leave a message 

●       – Spam call blocking: Block any undesirable spam guest once until the end of time 

●       – Call sending: Directly forward your calls to any number you like in a couple of steps 

●       – Call recording: Record any approaching and active calls while keeping the voice quality 

●       – sans ad experience: Enjoy boundless calls and messages without being upset by advertisements 

The Second Line is allowed to download and accompanies a huge number of nearby telephone numbers. You can pick one as you wish and appreciate all the highlights referenced above for just $9.99 every month. 

A portion will be charged to Google Account at the insistence of obtainment. Memberships consequently restore toward the finish of each term except if auto-recharge is killed in any event 24-hours before the finish of the current time frame.

 The record will be charged for recharging inside 24-hours before the finish of the current time frame, and distinguish the expense of the reestablishment. Auto-restore can be killed whenever from your Google account settings however discounts won’t be accommodated the unused bit of the term.

How It works

SECOND PHONE NUMBER – 2nd line utilizations your Data or WiFi association with give your telephone an extra line. Simply download the application, pick a telephone number, and promptly get to boundless calling and messaging from an extra line on your telephone.



 Your local number


 Unlimited Talk & Text in

 USA / Canada


 Text and call on your

 phone and tablet


 Affordable international rates


 Separate work and personal numbers


 Extra privacy for a connected world


You can pick a nearby telephone number with boundless content and picture informing, boundless telephone calling, and modest universal calling. 

It offers ruffles like emoticons, stickers, and GIFs. You additionally get voice message interpretation, guest ID, call sending, adaptable content and ringtones, fast answer, in addition to you can add your mark to every content. Password usefulness lets you keep all calls and messages hidden.

So if you are willing to get a USA & Canada phone no then this is the app for you.

It provides you the facility on your fingertips, on just one app you can connect with social media your client’s family member. 

It will give you text and Call option with your USA or Canada no in just 9.99$

It can be used for multiple situations. 

It is the best app if you are looking to get a no for your work or your self. It is the cheapest among other competitive apps. 

So download it and take the maximum benefits from it at the cheapest price. 

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