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PUBG MOBILE LITE is probably the most ideal decision to make a genuine fight royale game more available to the majority. With restricted interactivity choices and essential designs, however, it makes the principle game more available.

On the off chance that I had asked you throughout the most recent one year which game do you love playing the most on mobiles, the conspicuous answer from a lion’s share would have been PUBG MOBILE. Also, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why – it would seem that a game ported from the consoles, plays like a game from the consoles, and not at all like other traditional reassure games, it is completely allowed to download. Also, best of all, you could play it on a telephone that could begin from as low as Rs 12,000. These characteristics made it a predominant title on the portable stage. Was there anything amiss with it? No.


Be that as it may, PUBG MOBILE made a need in the market, and everyone needed to play – even the individuals who had modest low-end telephones. The PUBG MOBILE group reacted and declared PUBG MOBILE LITE. Intended to be a streamlined rendition of the game for low-end gadgets, PUBG MOBILE LITE has now been delivered in India and it guarantees a ton of things on paper (or rather on the Play Store).

The game professes to offer the credible PUBG experience on the telephone with 2GB RAM and that made me wonder – how? PUBG MOBILE is a benchmark and the best way to enhance the experience is to restrain the illustrations and toss out the vast majority of the highlights that make PUBG the game we know. Energized, I gave a shot PUBG MOBILE LITE on the Motorola One Vision (better believe it, that is the most reduced end telephone I had lying around).

PUBG MOBILE LITE looks like the most punctual adaptations of PUBG MOBILE in the least illustrations

I have consistently kept up that PUBG MOBILE increased current standards of game illustrations on the versatile stage. At the point when it previously came out, it made gamers like me go frantic about its GTA-style illustrations. Throughout the period, the designs have just shown signs of improvement. What’s more, that makes it difficult to be happy with what you get from PUBG MOBILE LITE.

To be completely forthright, PUBG MOBILE LITE doesn’t look comparable to the fundamental game. It appears as though somebody whitewashed the illustrations and surfaces before delivering it. The ground spread looks dull while the surfaces on dividers, houses, vehicles, trees, waterways, and grass are just straightforward. In the wake of playing PUBG MOBILE, it isn’t pleasant. The good climate leaves impacts from the primary game are likewise missing here.


In any of the cases, when we consider this implied for a mobile device with 2GB RAM, the designs begin to bode well. PUBG MOBILE LITE with its low-goal surfaces works brilliantly quickly. The designs are very simply uncovered essentials – everything you need to get the best PUBG experience.

Erangel is the main guide accessible right now and notwithstanding highlighting whitewashed designs and surfaces, it is as yet a fascinating spot to chase down adversaries. The enhancement has stripped this guide of its dynamic quality and on occasion, it gets exhausting. Regardless, the way that you can play it on a Rs 6,000 cell phone causes this a trade-off you to can (and should) live with.

It seems like PUBG MOBILE yet not exactly the genuine experience

Part of PUBG MOBILE’s allure, aside from the illustrations, is the interactivity of material science. The PUBG group dazzled the world with its support like material science – you needed to stress over firearm pull back and the heading of air influencing your shot while killing on a housetop – this resembles insane for a versatile game by the present guidelines. Tragically, PUBG MOBILE LITE tones down that experience as a feature of the improvement.

You get the equivalent ‘sole survivor’ ongoing interaction you anticipate from PUBG. To keep the game running easily, probably the most itemized activities have been annihilated to decrease the heap of assets. Subsequently, the game skips highlights like weapon drawback, impacts of wind on shots, and other minor subtleties. Indeed, even the embellishments, for example, the blood splattering, non-verbal communication of the characters have been weakened to keep the weight on the assets low.

Is that all terrible? By no means, if you are keen on a simpler PUBG meeting. With a portion of the intricate boundaries gone, PUBG MOBILE LITE is a simple to use the game that you can play. Bounce from the rooftop, a point at the foe and shoot him on his head and proceed onward to the following person – this is the thing that PUBG MOBILE LITE is. You get all typical PUBG MOBILE developments, for example, hunker, run, and rest on the ground. Do take note that lies in the grass for concealing doesn’t make you imperceptible from others.


Weapons are accessible in bounty around the guide however the ammo is scanty. I frequently wound up running out of ammunition and needed to run to the closest structure to get a top off. This is additionally amplified by the way that the game requires the player to shoot more shots to execute an adversary – this is done to give the prey a potential for success to escape. I got the chance to see the famous automatic weapons and rifles yet the assortment is very limited compared with the primary game.

You can likewise utilize vehicles to move around and this is the place it feels like the principal game. You can utilize the standard exhibit of Erangel vehicles, including the safe however moderate UAZ, and the quicker carriage to move around and cut down adversaries.

The greatest change however is the diminished number of major parts in the guide. Rather than 99, you get the opportunity to play with 100 different players. This makes it fascinating as there are lesser players to chase and you complete the game quicker even in the Classic match mode.


There’s no uncertainty that PUBG MOBILE LITE is an extraordinary third-individual online shooter with loads of highlights to remain locked in. Given that you can play this on a Redmi 7A or Realme C2 effectively makes this game an incredible time pass. If you have played PUBG MOBILE, you could feel that the light form passes up a ton of mark PUBG highlights. Furthermore, right now, you just get the opportunity to play in Erangel.

Take a gander at along these lines – had we not seen PUBG MOBILE a year ago, this would have been a stupendous game to play. What’s more, it is very acceptable on the off chance that you have a modest low-end telephone. The game is positively agreeable as an online shooter and since it just gauges a sum of 400MB, I recommend you should give it a shot once. If you as of now play PUBG MOBILE on your telephone, you can avoid this.

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