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PT Tracker is one of the best app in app world because this app give only social media tips and tricks and grow your social media accounts very easy and fast. It’s give good looking interface and user’s friendly.

PT Tracker ApP Download

You thought this app how to download…?
So, I describe 3 steps to download this app. kindly follow our steps.

1 First of all, you download “PT” tracker app our official website from “Paglu Tricker”.
2 next step first of all go to your mobile setting and find security option you know very well your mobile setting because different mobile different options. then next check to unknown source.
3 next step install our app but you face some problem. because some extra features on PT Tracker app that’s why play store is not allowed. Just like auto followers tool etc. so that’s why play protect show one pop up message. so simply click on install anyway button and enjoy our app.

PT Tracker provide some Functionalities.

PT Tracker have Seven features.i describe all features detail and easily so follow us.

  1. Facebook Tricks.
  2. WhatsApp Tricks.
  3. Instagram Tricks.
  4. Tiktok Tricks.
  5. Termux Commands.
  6. Facebook Stylish Name.
  7. Facebbook Stylish Bio.
1 Facebook Tricks:

Our Facebook tricks tab provide auto followers,likes and comments. and don’t about thought that like server busy and many more. because we add many server in this app day by day so you enjoy our app.

2 whatsapp TRICKS:

Our WhatsApp Tricks tab provide different types of functionalities. we adding many server they provide virtual number for Otp bypass to all countries. you create different types of social media accounts just like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Likee, Hello, Vmate etc.

3 instagram TRICKS:

Our Instagram tab to provide you more followers, likes, comments and story views.we adding several server’s to provide you different types of functionalitie’s. we gave you apportunity to fastest grow your instagram account.i mean to say you gain real followers, likes, comments and story views and last thing kindly shared this app with your friends, fallows and family.

4 Tiktok tricks

Our TikTok tab to give you more opportunity to grow your tiktok account. Now a days everyone use tiktok app and show your skills but they couldn’t attract more people. so we add more server in our app they achieved some hearts, likes and video views.

5 termux command

Our Termux Tab to provide Termux Commands. We added some commands to find social media account just like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Gmails and much more.

6 Facebook Stylish Name.

We created facebook stylish name tab.we provided you lots of stylish and unique name to your facebook account is. Now a days everyone create new and stylish facebook account and different types of symbol to use facebook account because this name is very gogeous.

7 Facebbook Stylish Bio.

We created stylish bio tab.I mean to say basically stylish bio tab to provide you different types of new bio and unique to other person bio. you put this bio to your facebook account and creative your account to your friends and family facebook accounts.

I hope that i told you better explanation our app. and i hope that to enjoy our app and share with your family, Friends and Relatives.

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