AntiPhone -Anonymous SMS – Send SMS 2020

If you are looking for an app that provides you no and allows you to send msg then you must give AntiPhone a try.

AntiPhone is an app that gives you a number that can use for multiple uses.

It will also allow you to send messages to anyone.

You can message from a separate number on your phone you and your team already have got, Wi-Fi, or your existing cellular network, with anyone you are calling in the area where you are calling, they can without much of a stretch know and they full secure.

Next time if you are conversing with somebody or need to converse with somebody in any capacity whatsoever, with AntiPhone you don’t need them to realize your telephone number then you should attempt this AntiPhone application.

The mechanical assembly allows you to call and message from a one of a kind number on the gadgets you and your representatives own, either by strategies for Wi-Fi or your current cell plan.

Send unknown SMS to your friends across the world!

How many times have you thought of asking anyone of your friends something randomly? For instance:

⦁ Do you like girls?
⦁ Are you in relationships?
⦁ I saw you cheating

Legal solution

Unfortunately, there are basically no instruments for legal unknown SMS texting, but there’s a special method we made:

1) They buy you a singular British telephone number at there expense
2) That number becomes your personal virtual telephone number
3) you’ll send and receive SMS messages from this telephone number that the app provides you without being afraid.
4) If your friends start replying to your British number – you’ll receive all their messages within the app.
5) If you re-install the app, you’ll revisit your second telephone number via email

That’s cool?

Each new user gets ₭3000 (three thousand karma), which allows you to urge:

  • one 2nd telephone number for a whole month
  • Up to 2 SMS outgoing SMS
  • Up to three incoming SMS

Some Benefits

AntiPhone For some reason, a person can not reveal his real number or he has to use it for clients then you must definitely check out this app.

It furnishes you with the full versatility and capacities on your fingertips.


With the second Line close by phone number, you can altogether separate your work from private life by including a burner line for the later.

So you will acknowledge how to answer in case someone calls you through the work line, or when you call a customer you can in like manner choose to call You to use AntiPhone number, so your phone number is private.

Boundless Text and Picture Messaging

You can send boundless messages from your number which the application gives likewise you can picture message one another.


You can pick a telephone number with limitless substance and endless phone calling and unassuming widespread calling.

It offers unsettles like emojis, stickers, and GIFs. You furthermore get voice message understanding, visitor ID, call sending, versatile substance and ringtones, quick answer, moreover to you’ll add your own imprint to each substance. Secret word convenience permits you to keep all calls and messages covered up.

So if you’re willing to encourage a telephone number, at that point, this is regularly the application for you.

It gives you the force on your fingertips, on only one application you’ll interface with internet-based life your customers adored one.

It is often used in multiple situations.

It is the simplest app if you’re looking to urge a no for your work or yourself. it’s the best app among other competitive apps in terms of price.

I highly recommend you give this app a try for one time and you won’t be disappointed.

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